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We have established awesome contacts with local manufactures that we work with to manufacture our firearms. We believe highly in supporting locally as much as possible. We are working toward a 100% locally manufacture AR platform. All custom work is done in house in conjunction with our local partners. We standby and back our work 100%.

We have passion for anything that is wild and crazy, if it is weird and we here "it can't be done", we will try to make it happen. 

Custom Work

$35 per hour on most work, may be addition fees on non-typical requests. 

Laser Engraving

There is no limit really, when it comes to lasering smaller items such as Gun parts, leather items, knifes, nick-nacks, cups, woods, plasti

AR Build Class

Professional build class with our gunsmith, builds include AR uppers and/or Lowers, Glocks, and 1911 classes. All classes subject to availability. When class is completed, you keep you weapon.

Enhanced Concealed Course

A Certified Instructor will walk you through a two part, one day course. Students must complete 4 hours of legal instruction time followed by range time. Your instructor will assist in multiple real life scenarios geared toward self defense. Each student must have 100rd of ammo available for the course. Our course includes a certificate of completion for both Idaho and Oregon.

$175 for Hydro Dip or Cerakote work, includes breakdown and rebuild by our professional Gunsmith. Laser work, stippling work, and slide cuts are available.

Please call 208-459-8900 for detail.

Firearm Cleaning

We now offer Firearm cleaning, let us take the burden out of your gun cleaning headaches. $69.99


Complete gun cleaning and inspection includes:


* Disassembly of firearm.

* Removing all old lubrication.

* Cleaning out dirt and powder residue from the working parts and the barrel.

* Inspection of all working parts for excessive wear, metal fatigue, bends, cracks, or breakage. (We will contact you if there are any problems with the inspection and explain what can or should be done before re-assembling the firearm).

* Reassembly, lubrication, and application of protective oils to all working parts

* Application of protective oils to all exterior metal parts

Cleaning and inspecting stocks and grips for wear, cracks or other issues

* Applyling appropriate wax, oils, or protectants to the stock or grips

* Full firearm function check (test firing available for small additional fee)

* Discounts on multiple firearms. Call shop for details 208-459-8900

Full Auto Sampling

We have various types of machine guns and class III weapons available for sampling. We try to link this range time with our enhanced CCW course, but special times can be scheduled. Scheduling is available in "Book Online" tab. Please contact us for special times and availability.

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